Friday, October 10, 2014

Egg in a hole

My daughter loves New York.... Hmmm, is anybody not lovin NY? So for her birthday She got a cookbook from Marc Grossmann with recipes from his hometown NY. Really great book! There are a lot of recipes I wanna try.... One of those was the recipe for "egg in a hole". Simple and easy to make but so yummie!

You need (per person):

1 Egg
1 slice of toast bread
Some olive oil and salt and pepper to season
1 round cookie cutter

How to prepare:
1. Cut out with the cookie cutter a hole in the middle of your toast bread and put the bread on a plate.

2. Break the egg in two halves and pour the egg white over your bread. Reserve the egg yolk. Let the bread soak well with the egg white. Turn to both sides so that both sides are well soaked with the white.

3. In a pan heat up some olive oil and put the bread in the pan. Pour the yolk in the hole of the bread. After about 1 minute turn the bread to the other side and wait until crispy and brown.

Season with some salt and pepper to your convenience and .....mmmmmmhhhhhh.....yummie.... Can I get a further one.... 😉

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