Monday, February 1, 2016

Breakfast Quickie for working Girls

While working every weekday and having breakfast at the office, you have to plan what one can have for breakfast. It should be something delicious.. Of course... Something perfect to be prepared on the evening before.... Because who has time In the morning ? Shower , getting dressed, one cup of tea before leaving home..... So here a easy and yummie recipe for a healthy and delicious office breakfast.

You need (2 persons):
- 2 cups of some muesli mix (for this recipe I like some Bircher muesli mix with nuts)
- 300 g plain Yoghurt 
- 2 Apple
- 1 tsp grounded cinnamon 
Some honey to sweeten the yoghurt if wanted...

To prepare :
1. Mix muesli with 200 g yoghurt and sweeten with honey (if wanted ).
2. Grate coarsely the apples ( no need to peel the apples) and mix with cinnamon according to your taste.

3. First put the muesli in a glass, than top with some yoghurt and at least with the grated cinnamon-apples.
Reserve in the fridge until next morning before leaving home :). At the office: enjoy your delicious breakfast and have a good start in the new day ;).

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