Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet Pinenuts Cracker

It´s ever the same problem. The cupboards are well furnished and nonetheless you can´t find something that would satisfy your palate... You are looking for some small crunchy bites that you could nibble meanwhile reading your journal, your book, looking TV, drinking a warm cup of tea and relaxing. You are looking for something with only a hint of sweetness. You are looking for something that is done in some minutes... Ok, as I was sure that my cubboards are well furnished I decided to control their content with the target to find something that could satisfy my envy. In my fridge I found a rest of puff pastry - I wonder what I would do without ready to use puff pastry.. and so there is quite ever some in my fridge.. - some light moscovado sugar - would say that it´s part of my "basic kitchen equipment" - and some pine nuts (the rest from a baking session before christmas. I´d used them for my Biscuits called Schoggifrätzli).  I like moscovado sugar because it is not so sweet than normal white sugar and gives a littles of a caramelized flavour to the treats. Of course a normal brown sugar would also do the deal but in fact the taste of those crackers strongly correlates with the sugar you use.. so thry which sugar is your favourite. I made really small crackers in one bite sizes but of course one could also do them bigger...
You need:
-  275 g ready to use puff pastry
- 30 g pine nuts
- 5 Tbsp. light moscovado sugar
To prepare:
1. Take the rolled puff pastry out of the fridge and lay the plate on your working surface
2. Disperse the sugar on the surface of the puff pastry
3. Scatter the pine nuts on the pastry
4. Cut in about 15 cm large stripes and roll each stripe from both sides to the middle. You obtain a sort of a double roll.
5. Cut in small pieces, narrow the ends and squeeze a little bit the end of each piece

6. Bake in the 180 C preheated oven on a tray lined with parchment paper for about 15 min. /  until golden brown and crispy (the baking time may differ upon your oven..).

Dust with some icing sugar and well now crunch and be happy!


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