Thursday, March 6, 2014

Springrolls to go

This is a different way for springrolls as we mainly know them... Most of the time we associate with springrolls, hot rolls, fried in oil filled with meat or vegetables. Here is a recipe for quick done rolls and perfect to take away..... In fact you can fill them with quite any vegetables you like. I choosed a ready made mix from different vegetables cut in Julienne, that I found at the supermarket (I think normally this mix is intended for soups...), added some green beans (left over in my fridge...) and... Here is the recipe....

You need (for 6 rolls):

- 6 Ricepaper
- 100 g Rice noodles
- 2 tbsp. Peanuts
- 6 tbsp. of different vegetables (as carrots, celery...) cut in Fine Julienne
- 50 g green beans
- 4 tbsp. Wok seasoning sauce or a soy sauce
- some olive oil, raz-El-Hanout spice
A clean but lightly wet kitchen towel

To prepare:
1. In a bowl with lukewarm water soak your rice noodles for some minutes, then drain and season with soy Sauce or Wok seasoning Sauce

2. In a pan heat up some oilve oil, add raz-El-Hanout and the Peanuts. Roast for some minutes 

3. Heat up some water, add the green beans and cook for 3 minutes. Drain, cut in small pieces
4. In another bowl with some lukewarm water, big enough to put in the bowl one Ricepaper after the other, soak for a short minute one ricepaper. Put the Ricepaper out of the water and lay on a wet kitchen towel
5. Put your seasoned rice noodles on the lower part of the Ricepaper, top with the finely cut vegetables and peanuts

6. Fold both sides towards the middle and start rolling the Ricepaper

And you' ve yet finished!!! This rolls are really pretty to take away for "Business" Lunch or a picknick and can be filled up to your creativity...


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