Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mozarella: a never ending story....

I think there is no one who did not taste Mozzarella once in his life.
Quite always one receive Mozarella in the so called "Mozarella caprese" way...
Quite tasty..yes..but it becomes a little bit boring... So why not making a variation? 
So may I present you "Cape Mozzarella":

What you need:
Mozarella (if possible the much more delicious, but also more expansive buffalo mozarella)
a glass of caper, a palmful walnut, black pepper, salt, olive oil, 1 lemon (or some Verjus)

1. Squeeze the lemon to get some lemon juice.
2. In a bowl blend together with a fork the olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice (or Verjus).
    Adjust to your taste (one may prefer more lemon, one more spices...)
3. Now add the caper and the coarsely chopped walnuts to this mixture
4. Cut the Mozzarella into rather thin slices and arrange them on a plate
4. Pour the caper-walnut-vinaigrette over the mozzarella

....And now enjoy it with some fresh baguette or foccaccia or...


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