Monday, June 6, 2011

glazed green Asparagus with poached Egg...

Time passes and the asparagus season will soon be over.. I prefer green Asparagus also because one has less to peel.... So coming home on sunday morning after having been "on duty" the whole saturday, I had to decide if I would like to have Brunch rather than a simple Breakfast.. I decided to have Brunch.. But before getting lazy I decided to learn a little bit (still Controlling). My sister came over to help me learning and was pleased to hear that she will get something (hopefully delicious) to eat... Quite for long time I wanted to try poched Eggs.. So we decided to make a sort of an interpretation of Egg benedectine. From the bakery I had some fresh, soft Ciabatta, green Asparagus in my fridge and eggs of course...
You need (serves 2 Person)
- 500 g green Asparagus
- 2 Eggs (to poach)
- 2 Tbsp. icing sugar
- some vinegar
For the Sauce Hollandaise:
- 2 Eggyolks
- 50 g butter
- 50 g Creme fraiche
- 3 Tbsp. Verjus (or lemonjuice)
Some salt and pepper to season
To prepare:
1. Peel the Asparagus as needed (mainly the lower third when using green asparagus)
2. Cut the Asparagus diagonally in pieces
3. Heat up the icing sugar in a non-sticking pan an let melt. When the whole sugar is melted and start getting caramelized, add the Asparagus pieces an stir form time to time (Takes about 12 minutes). Season with a little bit salt.
 4. Preheat some water in a pan big enough to place a bowl over it without touching the water.
 5. Place the bowl over the hot water and mix in the bowl Eggyolks, creme fraiche, Verjus (or lemonjuice), some salt and pepper and butter until you get a creamy consistency. Remove from the heat when your sauce is ready.
6. Meanwhile bring in another big pan some water to boil, add a good luck of vinegar. Stir the water with a spoon. Give one egg after the other to the water. As the water is "in movement" the eggwhite will turn over the yolk. So between every egg stir again the water.
7. Place the Asparagus on your plate, top with the poached egg and Sauce Hollandaise. Don´t forget the fresh Ciabatta..... Lazy Sunday here we come...


The Café Sucré Farine said...

I can't stand the thought of asparagus season soon being past also!Sounds like a delicious breakfast!

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