Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Chicken Ragout

Shame on me! First: I´ve done only few posts in october! Second: I´ve posted only sweet things! Third: This has to be changed :). So here the first post for november and it is not a sweet one! It is sort of a Ragout made with chicken breast and is done in short time and really simple to cook.
You will need (for 2 - 3 persons):
- 400g chicken breastfillet (without skin or bones)
- 150g crème fraiche
- 100 ml warm vegetable stock
- 1 small onion
- 1 Tbsp. paprika (I use the sweet paprika powder)
Some salt and pepper to season and some oil for frying the meat.
To prepare:
1. Cut the chicken breast in more or less equal slices. Cut the onion in cubes
2. Heat up some oil in a deep frying pan. Stir in the onions until slightly golden brown and add the chicken. Roast on each side for some minutes
3. Add the vegetable stock and the paprika and let simmer for about 15 minutes (depends on the size, thickness of your chicken pieces)
4. Stir in crème fraiche, season with salt an pepper and .... thats it!

The Ragout is delicious with some noodles or some rice. We ate the Chciken Ragout with so called Spätzle, also very fine. But I think you want get ready done Spätzle not everywhere. Of course one can do them itself but thats another story...  - I would start to cook the rice before preparing the Ragout as he would need longer time than your Ragout. The noodles or Spätzle (if you use ready done from the supermarket) can be done meanwhile the chicken is simmering. -


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