Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homemade Lemon Curd

It is not a secret that I like to drink tea.. so one may not wonder that I like also tea time and the traditional english tea time with scones, sandwiches and ... lemon curd. Until now I´ve not found a lemon curd to buy that I find tasty. I think this is also the reason why for a long time I did´nt like Lemon Curd at all. The Mom of my best friend one day made herself some Lemon Curd and I had the chance to receive a glass for tasting it.. Heaven. I had never eaten such a good Lemon curd ever before. I asked her for the it is....
You need:
- 440 g sugar
- 225 g butter
- juice from 3 organic lemons (about 100g) and grated peel of one of the lemons
- 3 big eggs
To prepare:
1. In a bowl placed over boiling water (but the bowl sould not touch the water) mix together with a eletric mixer butter, lemon juice and grated peel as well as sugar until well combined.
2. With a fork mix the 3 eggs and add to your butter-sugar-lemon mix and continue beating over the hot water until you get a creamy consistence. This takes some minutes, so be patient...and be aware that your mixture does not boil (otherwise it will not get smooth and creamy)...

Thats all!!!! Fill the cream immediatly in some glasses (like a marmelade). One can preserve the Lemon Curd in the fridge for some weeks.

I love lemon curd on a fresh, hot Toast.. of course with a cup of tea :) yumm!


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