Friday, December 2, 2011

Panko-Parmeggiano - Crispy, fried Vegetables

 It has started to be very cold.. Looking the weather show it seems that winter really comes. This morning I had to scrape for the first time this season the windows of my car! Think I should start to wear my warmer coat... So the envy for warm, reconforting dishes raises... On sunday we will do a little Advent Brunch together with my sister, with some good smelling winter Tea and .... lets see.. I already started to decorate the flat with some christmas time things, means of course our Advent wreath (this year in silver and white), some red and green tablerunner... As a little "compliment" from gone summer and to reconcile me with the cold weather and before I start with all those winter and festive dishes (I am thinking about some beked apples since some days..perhaps I should do them on sunday?) I made  those fried vegetables coated with panko (japanese bread crumbs that makes the fried things much more crispy than with normal bread crumbs..). Why this dish reminds me because I used zucchinis and eggplants...
You need (depending on the size of the vegetables and the people you have to feed you will need more vegtables than indicated ... of course :) ):
- 1 Eggplant
- 2 green squash (alias Zucchini)
- 1 Egg stired together with a dash milk and seasones with some salt and pepper
- 200 g Panko (or more) blended with 3 Tbsp. grated Parmeggiano
- 200 g flour
Sunfloweroil to fry the vegetables (feel fry to use any other oil adapted to get heated up at rather high temperature that you need for frying..)
How to prepare:
1. Cut the vegetables in about 5 mm thick rounds .
2. In 3 different bowls put respectively the flour, the eggmixture and the panko-parmeggiano mix
3. First cover the vegetables with flour all over, then put them in the eggmixture and also cover all over and at least cover with panko-parmeggiano mix
4. Meanwhile heat up some sunflower oil in a deep frying pan
5. Put the Panko coated Vegetables in the oil and fry on each side until crispy and golden brown (the right temperature of the oil is reached if some water drops that you let fall in the hot oil makes some bubbles in the oil.. but really only few drops!!)

6. Serve the vegetables hot and with some ketchup, some mayo or some sour cream dip


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