Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prosciutto - Chickenbreast with potatoe gratin

 Of course during those festive days you eat quite a lot of sweets. Everyone bringing, offering his home made biscuits. All of them delicious, all of them "the one biscuit" that you have to try... But let´s confess - and even sweetlovers like me - we are looking for something salty after these sugarmarathon... Looking through my new cookbooks that Santa Claus brought me, I found quite a lot of delicious proposals for cooking. But to try a new recipe I like to have more time and not to try it the first time by an invitation dinner or lunch... So thinking about what to cook and getting satisfiyed the whole family I rememorated this recipe from Jamie Olivers Cookbook "Ministry of Food". It´s one of my favourite cookbooks. The recipes are simple but nonetheless with a certain twist... The potatoe gratin is one of our try and error family recipes that combines the "assignments" from different cookbooks.
You need (serves 4 person):
- 600g chicken filet
- 80 g Prosciutto di Parma (thin slices / 1 per person)
- 1 organic lemon
- 1 Tbsp. thymeleaves
- 50 g fresh grated Parmeggiano
For the Potatoe gratin:
- 800 g Potatoes
- 400 g heavy Cream
- 3 big eggs
- Some butter
Salt and pepper to season and some olive oil
To prepare:
1. Start with the Gratin as it needs about half an hour to bake and some preparation time until ready for baking in the oven. Peel the potatoes and cut them in rather thin slices. Put the potatoes in a bowl filled with very salty water and let soak for about 30 minutes (or even longer)
2. Mix together Cream and eggs and season enough with salt and pepper.
3. Butter small ramekins (or one pieform) all over. Drain the potatoes and dry them with a some kitchen paper. Lay the potatoes in the oven prooved ramekins a little bit overlapping. Pour over all your Egg-Cream-Mix and place in the 180 C preheated oven for about 25 minutes (until the surface gets a little bit brown and crusty)
4. Meanwhile cut your chicken breast in pieces adapted for 1 person. Score the underside with a small knife in a cris-cross fashion. Season with some pepper. Grate some lemon zest on them and sprinkle some fresh grated Parmeggiano and the thymeleaves on each Filetpiece.
5. Lay some Prosciutto on each Filet to cover it on one side. Then drizzle with some olive oil.
6. Cover the filets with a clingfilm  and give the filet a few bashes with the flat side if a meat tenderizer (or the flat bottom of a pan) until about 5 mm - 1 cm thick.
7. Pour some oil in a non sticking pan (you want need very much) and heat up to medium heat. With the Prosciutto side down transfer the filets in the pan and fry for some minuits. Then turn over and fry the other side.
8. Serve together with the potatoe gratin and some green salad....


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