Friday, August 5, 2011

For Dessert: French Toast with Mascarpone ice and hot caramelized peaches

I confess that for a long time I was afraid to make French toast at home. All the good toasts I´ve got out in a Café for Breakfast; I thought that I never could do it that good... In my country French Toast is not so well known, so I ate it mainly when beeing in GB or France for Holidays.. I also thought that it would take a long time to do french toast... Since my last stay in London I was determined to try it very soon regardless my fears... And now I could do it every day... It is so easy and so fingerlicking... But why only serve them for Breakfast, why not as a dessert? So I was brooding for some days over the question what to combine with my french toast that I had decided to serve for dessert at my annual "Girlfriends Summer - Dinner"... And I think I´ve got it: a rich, milky icecream + caramelized, slightly warm fruits + the hot, soft French Toast....Yummie
You need (serves 4 - 6 persons):
For the Toast:
- 1 slice toast / person
- 280 ml Milk
- 2 big eggs
- 3 dashes Vanilla Paste (or a scraped vanilla pod)
- 3 Tbsp. butter and enough sunflower oil for the frying pan (to cover the base for about 5 mm)
For the Ice Cream:
- 350 g Mascarpone
- 200 ml Milk
- 90 g icing sugar
2 medium sized eggs
- 2 dashes Vanilla Paste
For the caramelized peaches:
- 2 big peaches (sliced)
- 80 g dark brown sugar
- a good knob butter
To prepare:
1. Start with the preparation of the ice cream as it will need some time to be ready/frozen (the time it needs depends on the way you prepare it: or over night in your fridge or the time that your ice machine needs. In my rather simple ice machine it takes about 50 minutes to get a  creamy ice).
Separate the eggs. Mix together in a bowl Mascarpone, icing sugar, milk and egg yolks until you get a creamy, frothy texture.
2. Beat the eggwhites until stiff and fold them in in your mascarponemix.
3. Put this mix in your ice machine and .. yeah wait until it´s finished and ready to serve.
4. Or you wait until your ice cream is ready to start baking the french toast or you have done the ice the day before or you use one from the supermarket... For the french toast mix together milk, eggs and vanilla paste in a flat dish and place the Toasts in it and let them soak on both sides for several minutes (the longer they soak the more difficult it becomes to handle them but also your toast will be more fluffy... so at least you should let them in your milkmix for about 5 minutes)
5. Heat up sunflower oil and butter in a non sticking pan and bake in it the soaked Toasts. Each side takes about 1 minute, just wait until golden brown and a little bit crispy... If you have to wait for the other toasts reserve the ready done ones in the to 50 C preheated oven. (drain them shortly on a kitchen paper when taken out of the pan)
6. Meanwhile the toast bake you give in an other pan the dark brown sugar and heat it up until it starts to melt. Than add the butter and wait once more until melted. Add the peaches that you have sliced previously and cover them with the caramel by turning them occasionally.
7. On a dish arrange the French Toast with ice and caramelized peaches, dust with icing sugar and drizzle all over some more of your fruitcaramel...
Even when you are no more hungry after your Lunch or Dinner... I would wonder if somebody could resist to this dessert..... :))


Jaana said...

I love your post & photos,all too yummie:)

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