Monday, August 1, 2011

rocket - Soup

As Fall seems to continue.. Just let me look into my calendar.. is it really August? Must be a mistake..
Have to do something to bring back summer almost in the kitchen and on our plates. A friend of mine just wrote that he is craving from the heat.. he stays at the moment in Greece.. And in fact I have no compassion for him... how fine it is here in my hometown.. cool temperatures, cloudy, not sweetening... Damned!Could´nt he send us a little bit of the heat? So you can understand why I had to made a soup.. But to bring a little bit of summer into the dish I choosed Rocket as a basic ingredient. One can find Rocket easily today on quite every market and even at the supermarket. Normally it is used in salads. But it is also very tasty in soups with his distinct flavour and his beautiful green colour.
You need (serves 4 persons):
- 100 g Rocket
- 600 ml vegetable stock
- 200 g heavy cream
- 1 small onion, chopped
- 3 Tbsp. oil
- 2 boiled eggs (rather soft than hard)
- Salt and pepper to season
How to prepare:
1. Heat up oil in a deep pan and sweat the onion
2. Add vegetable stock and bring to boil. Now add heavy cream and boil for 15 minutes
3. Add the coarsely chopped rocket (washed and the harder strunks cut away) to the soup and reboil.
4. Mix everything in a mixer until well blended and frothy

5. Peel the precooked eggs and put one half in each plate. Add soup and decorate with some rocket leaves and grissini.
Now you can wait for the Summer....


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