Monday, August 1, 2011

Ham and Noodle Casserole (we call it: "Souffllierte Schinkenfleckerl")

I was thinking quite a long time if there is a possible translation for that what we call "Schinkenfleckerl". I did not find a real good possibility to translate. Ham and Noodle Casserole seemed to me to express in the best way what kind of dish is meaned... In fact it is a very traditional dish in my country that in my opinion got a little bit forgotten. My Mom made it for me and my sister when we was kids. I remember that my father hated this dish. So Mom made this only for us children when Dad was not at home.. we loved it..beeing a child we ate it together with ketchup today I prefer it accompained with some green salad. For the "Original" you need some special noodles in rectangular shape (that we call "Fleckerl").
If you can´t get those little noodles, you can of course use any other small noodles. The ham is a normal cooked ham. You can either also cut him in little squares or you chop him rather fine. Beeing a liitle bit lazy this time I only cut the ham in squares... normally I prefer to chop him as I find that the taste from the ham is than more distinct... But try yourself what you would prefer...            
You need (serves 4 - 5 persons):
- 100 g Butter
- 3 Eggs
- 125 g Sour cream
- 200g Cooked Ham (sliced in squares or finely chopped)
- 300 g Fleckerl (or any small noodles)
- breadcrumbs and butter for the baking dish
- Salt, pepper and a nutmeg to season
Eventually some grated cheese (about 30 g of Parmesan or Emmental for example)
To prepare:
1. Cook the noodles in enough salted water, drain in a colander and rinse with cold water (to avoid them sticking too much together)
2. In a bowl mix togeher until frothy butter and 3 eggyolks, season with quite a lot salt, pepper and a little bit grated nutmeg. Add sour cream and Ham.
3. Add to this buttermix the Noodles
3. Beat 3 Eggwhites until stiff and fold in your noodlemix.

4. Butter a baking dish and cover with breadcrumbs. Fill the dish with your noodles (feel free to cover with some grated cheese. I did´nt...)
5. Bake in the preheated oven (180 C) for 35 minutes until golden brown.
Meanwhile baking you can prepare the salad or ... doing nothing..? :))


Marisa said...

I've heard of this dish before, but never tried it. It looks so rich & delicious! Definitely on my to-make list.

Jane-Anne said...

What a fantastic family dish. My kids are going to love this. Quick, easy, delicous - what more can you ask? Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

Ispahan said...

Dear marisa, Dear Jane-Anne,
thank you both for your comments.
You are right it is a real family dish and kids normally love it especialy with ketchup :))).

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