Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vegan shitake - rice noodle wok


Always looking for some new vegan recipes and also for something not using always tofu".. ( but hey this would be an idea... To this shitake - rice noodle wok one could add some tofu cut in cubes and crispy fried... Will try it some day...) I found an attracting recipe in the book "peace food". I adapted it a little bit as I am not such a great fan from ginger and I am allergic to pepper.... But see yourself...
You need: (for 2 persons)
100 g rice noodles
150 g spinach leaves
100 g soy sprouts 
120 g shitake mushrooms (cut in medium size peaces when bigger mushrooms)
2 - 3 green onions cut in 1 cm slices
Some sesame oil and some wok sauce, salt and pepper

To prepare:
1. In a wok pan heat up a good lug of sesame oil and a little bit wok sauce ( about 1 tbsp.)
2. Prepare your rice noodles according the indication on the package (I used some noodles that I only had to pour over with some boiled water and wait for 1 minutes. Then I drained them and added them to the wok after the spinach leaves)
3. Roast for some minutes all the prepared vegetables excepted the spinach leaves. Stir regularly
4. Add the spinach and continue stirring for some further minutes. Then add the prepared rice noodles, a good lug of wok sauce, according to your taste, and mix all well... And now it's ready for serving....



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