Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakfast - Episode 2 - Cereals in form from Muesli

For a long time my familiy turned up their noses when only they heard the word Muesli. But when I started to serve them my fruity apple Muesli (I confess that it took some time to persuade them to taste it....) they changed their opinion.
You should prepare it the night before you wanna have it for breakfast so that the cereals can soften.
The ingredients you need:
150g oat flakes (you can also use a mixture of different flakes of cereals)
1 organic apple (about 150 g)
500 g Yogurt (up to you if you prefer normal or fat reduced one..)
3 Tablespoon brown sugar (add more if you like it more sweet)
2 dashes of vanilla paste (or the grains of half a vanilla bud)
50 g hazelnuts, 30 g raisins
1. To crash the hazelnuts put them in a small plastic bag and then hit on it with a rolling pin. So you obtain chunky hazelnut pieces.
2. In a bowl you mix the flakes with sugar, hazelnuts, raisins and the coarsely grated apple (I grate the whole apple with his peel)
3. Add the yoghurt and the vanilla and mix well all the ingredients together
In the fridge this Muesli stays fresh for some days...


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