Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elderflower - Apple Pastries

To my cup of Tea I love to nosh something, mainly something sweet. In fact writing those lines I´m thinking about some cookies... should bake some in the next days...
Having quite ever some puff pastry in my fridge and wanting some "springtime feeling pastry" to accompain my tea (as sun is shining but it´s nonetheless really cold...) I made those Elderflower - Apple Pastries.
You need:
60 ml elderflower syrup
250g curd cheese
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 roll of Puff pastry (about 275 g)
1 medium sized apple
To prepare:
1. Mix together the elderflower syrup, 1 tbsp. sugar and the curd cheese until melted.
2. Peel the apple and cut in slices
3. Cut the puff pastry in squares                                                          4. On each puff pastry square put 1 tsp. of your elderflower-curd cheese cream.
Top with 1 slice of apple
5. Fold the puff pastry over this filling and squeeze well the edges together
6. Place those pastries on a oventray armed with parchment paper
7. Spread some sugar on each pastry
8. Bake in the preheated (180 C) for about 25 minutes


thetwicebitten said...

This looks lovely! Im up for any excuse to use elderflower. Such a delicate and spring-feeling inducing flavour.

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