Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Mothersday: Mango - Vanilla Pie with Lemonbalm

Today is Mothersday in my country. I don´t know why it´s not on the same day all over the world. For example in Great Britain they already had her Motherday.... Whoever! I decided this morning to make a quick little Pie for this occasion. I saw this Pie beeing prepared in a cooking show at the TV some days ago. I varied it a little bit but it´s nonetheless based on a recipe from the cook Andreas C. Studer.
In my opinion the recipe can be used for quite every fruit. I pesonally love Mangos and the one in my fridge had to used... But try the recipe for example with some raspberries or some rhubarb. (andreas C. Studer did it with rhubarb.. in the TV Show) Of course the recipe can be done on any occasion or without occasion :) ...and not only on Mothersday...
The amount of ingredients I´ll tell you is enough for about one 25 cm Pie
For the Piecrust you need:
- 200 g wheat flour
- 100 g cold butter
- 4 Tbsp. Milk
- a pinch of salt and some flour to dust the surface when you roll out the dough 
 For the Filling:
- 1 Mango
- 200 ml heavy cream
- 4 Tbsp. sugar
- 1 Tbsp. corn starch
- 2 medium sized Eggs
- 2 pinch of vanilla paste (or 1 scraped vanilla pod)
- 1 Tbsp. of chopped lemon balm
To prepare:
1. Start preparing the Pie crust by crumbling the butter together with the flour and a pinch of salt until you get a sandy consistency. Then add the 4 Tbsp. milk and work on it until you get a well combined dough.
2. Roll out your dough (I like to do it on a parchement paper because it is then easier to transfer the dough in my Pieform) until about 3 mm thick
4. Transfer it to your pieform that you´ve buttered before.
5. With a fork make all over some "holes" in your dough.
6. Cut the Mango into cubes and disperse on your unbaked Piecrust
7. Mix together heavy cream, sugar, corn starch, eggs and vanilla (mix just until well combined)
8. Pour this mixture over the Mangos
9. Spread the lemon balm over all. (The next time I´ll try if it would be better to add the lemon balm after having baked the Pie, to taste more of his flavour...)
10. Bake for 25 minutes in the preheated oven (220 C)

 Meanwhile clean your kitchen. Nobody else will do it...

 And then savour when slightly hot, the delicate, melting Filling with the crispy crust.... For Mothersday I
decorated the Pie with some coloured sugar.... I made out of a paper a "heart shaped master plate".. First dusted along my heart with the coloured sugar and then dusted allover with some icing sugar.


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