Sunday, July 10, 2011

..and yet not finished with dumplings: Curd cheese Dumplings

There are some days I am craving for something sweet..but also not too sweet or too sticky... You know those days? Even if it´s a real great summerday today and the temperature went really high up, I was in the mood for some sweet treats for lunchtime... Dumplings are somewhat of characterisitic for my country.. sweet or salty.. as main course, as side dish, as dessert.... We call them KNÖDEL. Curd cheese dumplings are one of those traditional dumplings. Either you do them only with curd cheese or you fill them with some fruit, like strawberries or apricots... I prefer them only made with curd cheese and accompained with some fruit compote. Normally they are coated with roasted breadcrumbs. I prefer a variation by covering them with some ground and roasted nuts. I took almonds this time...
You need:
250 g of curd cheese (so called "Topfen")
1 middle sized egg
70 g wheat flour (+ some more to dust your hands)
70 g semolina
2 dashes of vanilla paste (or 2 tsp. vanillated sugar)
60 g of ground almonds
3 Tbsp. butter
Plenty of icing sugar :)
Some fruit compote if desired...
To prepare (serves 4 persons) :
1. Mix together curd cheese, egg, flour, semolina and vanilla until well combined. Let rest for about 30 minutes
2. Bring to boil enough water so that the dumpling may "swim" in it
3. Meanwhile make the dumplings by dusting your hands with some flour and rolling the dough in your palms until you get cute, round, little dumplings (repeat the dusting of your palms..)
4. Put the dumplings in the hot water and let simmer until the dumplings come up to the surface of your water (this takes about 8 minutes)
5. Take the dumplings out of the water and drain
6. Meanwhile the dumplings cook, heat up the butter in a non sticking pan, add the almonds, 1 tbsp. icing sugar and roast this mixture
7. Put the dumpling in the pan with the nuts and cover them all over with the almonds

 Serve them dusted with a lot of icing sugar.... I served them with a compote made out of different berries. I just put them in a pan, added a little bit of water and sugar and cooked for some minutes.....


The Café Sucré Farine said...

Wow, what a fun, unique treat! They look and sound so yummy! Thanks for sharing, Chris

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