Friday, July 8, 2011

Potatoe - Parmeggiano Dumplings with sage butter

Of course I had not used the whole Parmeggiano... and whenever I looked into my fridge he said "Hi".... :). Of course there is no hurry to use him... but it´s tempting.. I remembered having done once dumplings with Parmeggiano.... and I found again the recipe in one of my recipe maps... And family at the moment is "thrilled" about Parmeggiano; quite no dish without this cheese... But after having eaten Spaghetthi with Parmeggiano more or less every day :) you are looking about something else....
You need (serves  4 as a main dish)
750 g potatoes
150 g grated Parmeggiano (+ some more to disperse over the dumplings when served)
2 medium sized eggs
 All purpose flour (about 5 - 6 Tbsp.)
2 Tbsp. olive oil and 2 good knobs of butter
1 small bundle fresh sage
(You can eat the dumplings as a vegetarian main course or as a side dish with some steak.....)
To prepare:
1. Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarter and cook until soft (one can also cook the potatoes the day before or in the morning for a later use on the same day...)
2. Press the cooled potatoes in a bowl with a potatoe ricer
3. Mix together pressed potatoes, parmeggiano, eggs and add gradually flour until you have obtained a soft but moldable consistency
4. Put some flour in your hands and form small dumplings by rolling the dough in your palms . For every new dumpling dust once again your hands with flour
5. Put the dumplings in some nearly boiling water and wait until the dumplings are coming up (this takes about 4 minutes). Remove them out of the water and drain (Those dumplings can also be easily freezen for a later use....)
6. Heat up oil and butter in a pan, add the sliced sage and the dumplings until getting a little bit browned.
Serve together with some fresh, coarsely grated Parmeggiano (dispersed over the dumplings) and some salad for example.


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