Sunday, July 31, 2011

The first completely self done Cake from my daughter!!!

 Ok, we are living in an emancipated environment. Ok, woman can do quite everything. Ok being a woman you must not be a good cook. But it is also not a fault to be able to cook, no? And I think it is not a question of emancipation if you are doing kitchen work or not. However I like to cook and to bake and of course to savour all the things that we cooked. So I confess that I was very proud as my daughter came over with her first  self-baked tart. She has done it without any help! Is´nt the cake looking gorgeous? For the candles she was so friendly to not put all on them that would have corresponded to my age.. :). Want to know what kind of cake it was..? Now a yummy one :).
It was a sponge cake flavoured with violet aroma with a sugar icing and topped with candied violets. Thank you so much! I have the best daughter in the world!


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