Sunday, July 31, 2011

Violet Cocktail

Cocktails for non professional bartenders and without a hundred of different ingredients are a hard exercise... :). But having guests I want to serve something not so usual as aperitif... something readily and easy done... So I like to refer to some Champagne Cocktails. This time I made a VIOLET COCKTAIL.
You need: Chilled Champagne (or some Frizzante) with a not to dominant taste, some violet sirup (I use one from Monin), purple sugar (I have one very special from Dean and Deluca from daughter brought it to me...thank you my dear for that gift once again..), toothpicks, blueberries, 1 lemon.
1. Cut the lemon in wedges and go with it around the bezel from your glasses
2. Put the sugar on a plate and roll the bezel of your glasses in the purple sugar
3. Take 2 blueberries and stick them on the toothpicks
4. Fill 2 tsp. (or more or less; depending on  if you like it more or less flavoured) violet sirup in your galss
5. Fill up with your good chilled champagne and stir slowly with a spoon until well combined
 And now serve with some nuts, some tacos or what ever and wait for the questions coming.. like "oh what is that?, Oh is that so cute..." :))

(One can do in the same way with some rose sirup...)


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