Friday, November 1, 2013

Back Again

Hi! I am back again :). Quite a long time I did´nt post... Just was not in the mood... Does´nt mean I stopped cooking :). In fact I started with vegan meals and will show you some of my vegan experiences in the next time. Also I started to try Cake Pops. Oh my god, what a tricky thing! All my respect to those who can do that. My results are quite ok but I´m still unsatisfied. I have my problems to get the balls sticky enough and also with the coatings I have my problems.. But I´ll show you some of my "trials", my "Winter Collection":

Don´t know if I will try once again. Because it takes really lot of time to make them!!!!
So really Congrats to People like Bakerella or Isabella Schenz. Real artist if you ask me.... Are´nt they?

Today I´ll go to the Preopening of a famous Bakery in my home town, opening a new shop with bakery, bistro and patisserie: Joseph Genuss. Let´s see and try ;). So for today let me stop here. Be back soon...


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