Sunday, April 24, 2011

Banana - Nougat Cake

 Invited to Easter Brunch I wanted to bring some cake beneath the traditionel chocolate and almond paste eggs and easter bunnies and... Perhaps something healthy? Nuts (so called brain food) are healthy, isn´t it? So the combination with some fruit, here with some banana, must become something very healthy no ? Ok I did not use pure nuts but some hazelnut nougat and all of that become a sweet cake... But when you can make someone happy with a piece of cake isn´t that also good for our health or at least for our soul ? :) As I was impatient as ever and also a little bit too late for some long baking, I used once again some ready done biscuit that one can get in the supermarket, filled it with a nougat-mascarpone cream and banana slices, cut in rectangular slices and covered with some more of the nougatcream. Then up in the fridge for about 2 hours and here we are for the Brunch.
You need (makes about 6 slices):
1 rectangular Biscuit plate
250 g Mascarpone
125 g Heavy cream
120 g Praliné (= hazelnut Nougat)
25 g icing sugar
How to confection:
Now it becomes really, really difficult. :))
1. Soften the Nougat by heating up for some seconds in the microwave oven
2. Mix together all the ingredients until you obtain a creamy, homogenous melted cream
3. Divide the biscuit plate in two equal halves. Spoon some Nougatcream on the bottom (reserve about 1/3 to cover)
4. Slice the banana and put on the Cream
5. Spoon a little bit of cream on the other biscuit plate and put it with the creamsie down on the bananas.
6. Cut in slices and cover with Cream all around.
7. Decorate with some hazelnuts and up in the fridge for a short time before savouring.


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