Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter House-cleaning - lets get more colours in our life!

Traditionally before Eastern people start to clean their houses perfect as well as before christmas... I am not that traditional. Means that I clean when it is necessary and I am in the mood for. (If one can really be in the mood for cleaning :). (I also have a cleaning lady that helps me once or twice a month to clean the more difficult things like windows or to do those things I hate to do...). This year I had to clean a little bit more as I started to paint  some walls in my flat with really bright Colours. It looks really great! I have to say a big Thank you to my sister who assisted me in my painting experience. It started by choosing some new colours. I think the salesman was quite happy when I leaved his store (not because I´ve bought that much but rather that I had  at least taken a decision... but pardon me, is it that easy to know which colour will really fit..?). After having choosen the colours we had to clarify all the untensils we would need.... Regarding the colours I choosed a deep red, a bright turquoise and a slate grey.
Coming home in the afternoon I called my sister and told her that I was prepared to start painting...Ok not yet now but please right away in the next morning.. One must know that she is in holiday. So getting up in the morning is not really what she had dreamed about for her holidays... But look for the results. My best friend also had to take a look at, more or less immediatly and my daughter received some fotos via mail....even if she is on a holiday trip in NY... but one must know what are the really crucial things in life, no?


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