Monday, April 25, 2011

My sisters Easter Brunch

It was a sunny day! And my sister had prepared a table full of delicacies. Some wild garlic bread (soft and tangy), the traditional Easter "Pinze", the hard coloured eggs, ham, different cheese (one of them with cranberries and another coated with hay.. no I am not joking it was hay... very delicious), Mozzarella caprese (partly with and partly without tomatoes as she hates tomatoes meanwhile the rest of the family likes tomatoes :) ), some hot young goat cheese that she had wrapped in some ham (yummy), jam, Muesli, juice and, and....

Sitting in between the germinating plants of her terrace, the sun shining on our faces, the table full of great things: thats pleasure and fun! Thats Luxury!


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