Monday, April 4, 2011

Cinnamon Polenta with Smoked Trout Filet

Of course I had bought more of the smoked trout filet then needed... Eat it cold with some bread...ok would be an option but not very fancy.... In my cupboard I found some instant Polenta... I dont know why but I tried Polenta more then one time and never could get it really creamy... But ok why not try it once more..and yeahh this time the Polenta become really smooth and creamy and that little touch of cinnamon... I think I´ll do Polenta soon once again :).
You need for 4 person:
Smoked Trout Filet (about 100 g p.P)
200 g instant Polenta
500 ml warm vegetable stock
400 ml lukewarm milk
1/2 medium sized onion
6 Tbsp. butter
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 medium sized Zucchini
Some olive oil, some fresh thyme

To prepare:
1. Cut the Onion in small cubes and sweat in 2 Tbsp. butter until slightly brown
2. Cut the Zucchini into slices and grill them in a pan with some good lug of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper to your taste
3. Pour the stock and the milk into the pan and add gradually, while stirring, the polenta
4. Stir from time to time until you get a creamy consistence.
5. Meanwhile heat up the Trout Filet (I did in the microwaveoven for only some few seconds but one could also heat it up in some of those asian bamboo baskets in which you can heat up over vapour - as if you would cook some DimSums....)
6. When your Polenta has the right consistence stir in the ground cinnamon and 4 Tbsp. butter

Serve on preheated plates with the trout filet and the grilled Zucchini and drizzle some hot butter with thymeleaves over all


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