Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Basil Petit - Fours

I confess I could not wait any more and started to plant my kitchen - flower pots  with some herbs and of course I also planted some Basil.
Of course it´s only the begínning of my yearly "gardener career" and I will get some more herbs in the next weeks... I will also surely not miss to buy some more herbs and also some different types of Basil. I started with the Basil that you can get meanwhile easily quite everywhere.
I mean this Basil with the big leaves. I was "forced" to buy this Basil as I had read a recipe for a Basil flavoured Cream. I varied a little bit the recipe so I could use it as Frosting. And I have to tell you: I have found my favourite Frosting for this year: Basil  -Mascarpone!
Basil is mainly used in salty dishes and I think this herb became that known because its use in Mozarella caprese. But Basil is also great in sweet dishes as you can find out by trying this Basil - Mascarpone Frosting. By adjusting the amount of used Basil you can get the flavour more or less intensive.  
As I was very curious and impatient to find out whow the Basilcream would taste, I bought some finished biscuit that one can get in the supermarket and is intended to be filled. But I think next time I will try the same treat with some selfdone biscuit even if the result this time was in my opinion already great.
I used (to make  about 10 Petits Fours)
- 125 g of a ready to be used biscuit "plate"
- 100 g Mascarpone
- 100ml heavy cream
- 3 Tbsp. sugar
- 2 dash Vanilla Paste (or 1 Tsp. vanillated sugar)
- a good hand full of Basil leaves
- some fruit or flowers to decorate: I used raspberries and some violettes.
To prepare:
1. Mix together the heavy cream and the basil leaves in a blender
2. Add the Mascapone and sugar as well as 2 dashes of vanille paste and whisk until well combined with a mixer.
3. Divide your biscuit "plate" in two halves and spoon your mascarpone cream on it. Place the second halve of your biscuit on the cream
4. Cut the filled biscuit into pieces sized to your convenience.
5. Spoon all around on each biscuit piece some more Basilcream and decorate with the raspberries.
Even if its possible to preserve the Basil Petits - Fours in the fridge until the next day, I recommand to eat them the same day because I found that the fresher the cream is the better the Basil Petits - Fours taste.


A Life From Scratch said...

These are beautiful - well done! I love the color of the basil cream. so sweet!

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