Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are we all "dancing" on a sort of a Volcano?

No, no don´t get afraid I will not start to paint all in black and also I will not go into deep socio-political discussions and views-of-life... But we also can not deny the earthquake and the nuclear incident in Japan. For me not only the earth is trembling also social, political and cultural structures start to break down as in Norht Africa.... So what makes me pensive is the question: can we continue right away as if nothing happens...? Don´t know. But I think that changes most of the time only can be done by little steps and all of us can contribute to a change by acting in our surrounding, with our friends, our family and our children in a responsible and respectfully way...
So with all those minds in my head I decided nonetheless to enjoy a good Morning Breakfast and to celebrate the Day... I wish all of  you a lovely Sunday!


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