Thursday, March 24, 2011

risotto al Limone with babysquid

I´ve started to do some bodywork.. its called Zumba. In contrast to normal Bodywork you do sort of a simple choreography to some hot latin music... It´s really funny. Hearing one hour long these happy music you start to dream about some hot summer days, the seaside, a beautiful decorated Cocktail.... To get a little bit of a summerfeeling in my home I went to the market and bought some Lemon and Babysquids. Rice for a Risotto is quite ever in stock at our home. The preparation from Risotto needs some assistance but is on the other hand really simple. If you wanna eat it together with children, simply omit the alcool that normally is added to Risotto. I used some Noilly Prat, but the result is quite as good if you dont add it.... Regarding a good Risotto, one of the main points is the rice you use. It has strictly to be a Risotto Rice. Otherwise you want obtain the delicious creamy consistence.
To serve 4 person you need:
- 300 g Risotto Rice (Carnaroli or Vialone Nano; in my opinion there is no great difference betwwen these to varieties...)
- 1 liter warm vegetable stock
- 2 organic Lemon (you will need the juice of them as well as the grated peel)
- 25 ml Noilly Prat (if you want)
- 4 Tablespoon Creamcheese
- Olive oil
- Salt
- 200 g babysquids (cut into small pieces)
To prepare your Risotto you need about 20 minutes. And when it is ready you should serve it. Guests and Family may wait for the Risotto but the Risotto should not wait for any one.....
1. Heat up a good lug of olive oil in a pan. Add the rice and stir until the ricegrains are covered allover by the oil.
2. Add the Noilly Prat and wait to add some warm soup until the whole Vermouth is absorbed by the rice.Now add step by step, slowly the soup and stir from time to time. Ever when the fluid added has been well absorbed, you may add the next amount of your stock.

3. About 15 minutes after you´ve started your Risotto, heat up another good lug of olive oil in a pan to high temperature and add the squidpieces until they are really good fried.
4. When your rice starts turning soft and creamy add the Lemonjuice and mix him under the rice and cook for another 2 - 3 minutes. Season with salt to your taste.
5. Now stir the creamcheese in the Risotto
6. Disperse the fried Squid on the Risotto as well as some of the grated Lemonpeel and enjoy.....


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