Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potatoe - Tarte Tatin

Calendar states: Beginning of Spring and really....the Sun is shining! Temperature is rising, people smiling at you :).... I start thinking about herbs that I intend to plant and to cultivate, as each year...but I think I should wait a little bit as it could get cold once again... A friend of mine who is a professional gardener tries every year to moderate our impatience to start planting because it is to early and the nights continue to be to cold.... Ok, I´ll wait..but I can start looking and planning, no? So meanwhile I´ll do a "Springtimefeeling" Treat or something that combines the leaving winter with beginning springtime... Thatfore I combined some potatoes  and walnuts as "representant" for winter, with Mozarella and tomatoes as "representant" for spring and summer... The result is this Potatoe - Tarte Tatin. Normally Tarte Tatin is a sweet apple tart. But one can do the same way with salty ingredients...
You will need:
4 medium sized potatoes, peeled and cut into thin slices
1 can (450 g) of tinned  of tomatoes
125 g Mozzarella, also cut into slices
50 g coarsely chopped walnuts
salt, pepper and dried oregano
1 roll of puff pastry (about 275 g)
To prepare:
1. Make a simple tomatoesauce by putting the tomatoes in a pan and heat them up at high temperature since you get a thick sauce; stir from time to time and flatten the tomatoes with your spoon. Season to your taste with salt, pepper and oregano
2. Use a non sticking baking pan (I like to use tartelettes forms) and grease a little bit with some butter.
3. Cover the base with the Potatoeslices and walnuts, then with the Mozzarella and finally add the tomatosauce
4. Cut your puff pastry according to the size of your baking pan and put it over the ingredients that you´ve already put in your baking pan.
5. Place the baking pan (or tartelette forms) in the to 200 C preheated oven and bake for about 25 minutes until the puff pastry has turned golden brown.
6. Take out your Potatoe - Tarte Tatin and wait some minutes until you get them out of the baking pans by turning them onto a plate. 

 The advantages of this preparation is that the puff pastry stays crunchy and is not soaked with the tomatoe sauce.... Feel free to decorate with some fresh herbs and serve warm.


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