Monday, March 14, 2011

Lambsirloin with mediterranean potatoe salad

Today it was a really sunny day - one of the first really springtime days.... So I decided to get a little bit out  of the city and drive to the countryside and by the way visit my sister. On the way to her, my attention was captured by an advertisement from a butcher for organic lambsirloin. It really looked tempting....and of course I bought it and brouht also some of it as a little present to my sister.... To prolong the "sunny feeling" I decided to prepare the lamb in a mediterranean way. First I marinated it in a marinade of olive oil and the lamb mix rub from Nomu for about 4 hours. Meanwhile I cooked some small potatoes (about 500 g) . Then let them cool down some few minutes before you cut them in chunky pieces. During the cooking time of the potatoes, cut in small cubes 2-3 stams from a celery and 1/2 of an medium sized onion. Furthermore you  need some salt, pepper, olive oil, about 2 - 3 tablespoons capers  and 50 g cored olives (I cut them also in pieces). Put your celery, potatoes, onion, capers, olives in a bowl, season with salt and pepper and mix all together with 4 - 5 tablespoon of Verjus (or wine vinegar or lemon juice.. I think I would then use a little bit less amount) and 2 tablespoon olive oil  (the amount of oil and vinegar / Verjus depends on your taste..). Heat up a grillpan and roast your lambsirloin on every side for some minutes (time depends upon your taste: if you like it more well done or a little bit rosé in the middle). Serve the sirloin together with the almost slightly warm potatoe salad.


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