Sunday, March 27, 2011

A good reason for "Croissants de gazelles"...

Blossoms, Flowers all around... and they have stolen me an hour....
Every year the same.
When the day comes where we have to adjust our watches because of Winter - Summer-Time change  it is like a signal for starting the gardening time.. A friend of mine who is a professional gardener ever tries to stop us, because it is of course to early to start planting as it might get colder once again.. But Gardencenters and Florist attracts us with some Springtime Opening Events... and so my sister, beeing impatient to "reopen" her terrace and getting new plants, and myself decided to make a short trip to the Springtime Event of one of a very stylish Gardener nearby our hometown...  We´ve been there for about 3 hours, looking around, choosing some flowers, tasting wine and juices, trying new earings..... Getting home we were both satisfied with our conquests. To continue the "Flowerfeeling" and to satisfy the desire of our palates, we decided to have a late Breakfast with some Croissants de Gazelles and a good cup of tea.
I don´t know if you ever have heard about "Cornes de Gazelles". It is a sweet treat from arab-french cuisine consisting of a special dough filled with ground almonds flavoured with "eau de fleur d´orangers" (water of Orangeblossoms). The name of this treat come from his form, as it shall remind the corns from gazelles. Eau de Fleur d´oranger is very well known in the south of France, la Provence. You can find there a lot of sweets flavoured with this special flavour. So it might be a little bit difficult to get it in your country. When ever I am in France I try to bring a little bottle of Eau de Fleurs d´orangers at home. So as we wanted to satisfy our desire quite quick we made a sort of a "Fast Food Variation" of cornes de Gazelles by using a ready to use Croissant Dough, that you can find in quite any supermarket and filling with the flavoured almonds.. and here they are our Croissants de Gazelles!

You need (for 6 Croissants):
-  1 Package of a ready to use Croissant Dough (for 6 Croissants)
- 2 - 3 tbsp. of a jam (I used the rest of a clementinejam)
- 2 tbsp. Eau de Fleur d´oranger
- 20 g icing sugar
- 80 g ground almonds
- 2 tbsp. icing sugar mixed with 1 tbsp. water to glaze the Croissant
To prepare:
 1. Preheat your oven to the temperature that the producers from your Croissant Dough recommands (it will be around 200 C)
2. Prepare your almond filling by mixing together the ground almonds, with the Eau de Fleur d´orangers and 20 g icing sugar. You will obtain some sort of a paste.
3. Open the Croissant-Dough package as explained on the package and divide into the predesigned Triangles

 3. Smear some jam on each Triangle and disperse the flavoured almond paste on it.
4 . Roll each Triangle to a Croissant and put them on a baking tray armed with parchement paper

5. Bake in the preheated oven for about 15 minutes until golden brown.
6. Meanwhile the Croissants bake you can prepare the Glaze (and the Tea :))) by mixing 3 tbsp. icing sugar with 1 tbsp. water
7. When the Croissants are ready baked sweap the glaze on each of them with a baking brush.


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